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Bedroom Makeover!

I have been dreaming about this project for some time now, and I am happy to say I have finally had the opportunity to redesign my bedroom! Bedrooms are sacred spaces and should be one of your home's most calming and comfortable places. I look forward to retreating to my bedroom after a long hard day of moving furniture, designing, and just existing as a human in today's modern world.

My bedroom is my zen space to curl up with a good book and snuggle with my pup, and of course, my husband too! This is the step-by-step process I took to completely change the vibe in the room with a low-cost budget and low carbon footprint.


First, I needed to update our bed frame. Our old bed frame had that old-world charm, but honestly, it was just too much for the space. I wanted a new look, something smaller scale and metal. I was able to find our new black metal bed frame on OfferUp for $150, and I sold our old bed frame and box spring on OfferUp for $200. Wait a second…did you make money and get a new bed?? Yes, I did! Not only does a Zero Waste lifestyle make more sense for the planet but also your wallet!

For the room, I was imagining a more vintage style so I selected pieces with that in mind. The second step was to harness some inspo, I had some art that we had collected over the years that really inspired me. The portrait of the woman is such a calming and comforting painting I just knew I had to include her in the small gallery wall above the bed.

The third and final step was the bedding. I knew exactly which company I would turn to for that, Red Land Cotton! I have had a set of sheets and towels from them for a few years, and you won't find the quality they produce in any other company. Their linens are made farm-to-home style.

What is farm-to-home? Just like it sounds! Red Land Cotton again outshines its competitors because they grow all their own cotton in-house. By growing their own cotton, Red Land is ensuring the utmost quality product as they control the raw material. The cotton is then spun, and the linens are finished to perfection all right here in the southern USA.

With this redesign, I purchased a new duvet cover, matching shams, and a white quilt. The Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover went perfectly with our Ionic Ivory wall from Sherwin Williams, and the white quilt provided a nice stark pop. And don't worry, our old bedding is getting put to good use in our guest bedroom!

Honestly, I cannot think of one negative thing about any of the Red Land Cotton products that I have owned. This company brings to market a sustainably produced quality product grown and manufactured on American soil by a family-run operation. If you are on the hunt for any bedding and towels, check out our shop and see my favorite Red Land Cotton products!

This has been such a fun project, and I am so happy I was able to make such a dramatic change in our little bedroom while having minimal impact on the environment and our wallet. We are excited to say we have partnered with Red Land Cotton and would like to pass along a 15% off promo valid until the end of February use code: ATWIL for any purchases at Red Land Cotton. What are some ways you have introduced reusable and sustainable items into your home design?

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