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Fresh & On-Trend for 2022

With 2021 closing up, we have reflected on our inventory, designs and styles. In doing so, we have come up with a plan to execute fresh and modern looks going into the new year. We are so excited to be rolling out the new product and cannot wait for you to see our new material in your listings! I wanted to share with you some of the new pieces we have coming in and some of the inspirations for these changes. Don’t forget to watch the drool on the keyboard ;)


First, our inspo photos, these two rooms embody precisely what we are aiming for, and they are two totally different homes. Each space utilizes modern neutrals with pops of color and natural elements to keep it inviting.

The mustard sofa goes so well with the warm wood, and in the other space the deep pink perfectly matches the white wall’s undertones. These spaces also feature rounded shapes not only in the furniture but also in the home’s architecture itself. Round is in, baby!


We have a few items coming from Moe’s that are to die for. I’m sure you can tell instantly how these items correlate with our inspo photos.

Excelsior Sofa beautifully curved, making a stunning feature in the perfect home!

Franco Chair green and velvet, what is a better combo??

Henrich Sideboard the rounded warm walnut is to die for.

Sicily Dining Table This dark beauty is a few sizes up from what we're used to, but sometimes bigger really is better.

Another vendor we have shipments coming from is Loloi, a fantastic rug company. With our rug purchases, we really wanted to make sure the rugs popped in photos which will make your listings stand out!

To see inventory as it comes in, follow us on Instagram @atwildesign

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