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The Power of Staging

Unless you work in the realm of real estate or interior design, home staging and its benefits may still be a bit of an enigma to you. Beyond monetary results, staging a home can entirely change the experience of selling and buying a house.

You know what they say, money talks, and given that staged homes are proven to sell anywhere between 5 and 23 percent over the asking price, we implore you to listen. A staged home is a home in high demand, which essentially means significantly less time on the market and higher offers from buyers.

A shining example of this concept is highlighted by a property we staged in Shoreline back in September. Not only did the sellers benefit from our pretty furniture and well executed layout but also our detailed instructions conducted during our consultation with them well before the installation date. We encouraged them to paint and make a few updates prior to our install.

These poster child sellers not only took every suggestion to heart but also signed up for a full stage, meaning they staged every room in the home. Telling a story throughout the entire home allows potential buyers to fall more in love with each room they enter. And the numbers reflect this, drum roll please! This home went pending within a week and sold for $375,000 over asking!! With just under $7,000 spent on staging services this seller was able to make 27% over their asking price!

Think of a new home on the market like a blank canvas in an art gallery. Staging is the paint that turns that canvas into a piece of art that captivates its viewers. Similar to a blank slate, blank homes can sometimes be difficult to see potential in. Staging works as a baseline for buyers and appraisers to get a clearer idea of the possibilities that a property has and get their imagination working to envision their family in the space.

Staging a home not only helps a property stand out for in person walkthroughs but also attracts more people viewing the listing online. In the age of social media and online searching, grabbing buyers attention is a vital tool in getting more interest in a house. The photos of a staged home leave a stronger, more lasting first impression that will keep your property at the forefront of a buyer's mind.

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