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Total Remodel at Salon Ritual

This was a design project done by our Lead Designer Taylor Atkinson

As part of color month, I would like to share with you the details of a previous design project I've done. Working with Salon Ritual to open its doors was a delight because it meant helping a good friend grow her business and the style vision was totally something I could get behind!

As you know I primarily design homes, so taking on a salon brought on its own obstacles such as using high durability surfaces that are easy to clean and still look good, staying on brand with the salon's new website, and getting into the mind of a hairdresser so that I could consider the maximum functionality for them.

First, I met with Megan to see the space and discuss her vision in-depth. I asked many questions to clarify what she was envisioning exactly. I've learned over the years that sometimes clients have a hard time communicating what they see in their heads, so I help by showing examples and preparing samples. I then send clients a vision board for them to sign off on. I want to make sure I 110% understand their vision before we get to work!

The next step was to pick paint colors, this helps lay the foundation and gives us a solid place to work from. Benjamin Moore had exactly what Megan was looking for; soft colors that are warming and welcoming, and went well with the website. Due to the shop facing North, this gives the space a lot less direct light and can make colors seem cooler than they are. We were also working with the existing floors, so it was important to make sure the paint choices blended well with that material. All of these elements need to be taken into consideration when selecting colors.

After choosing the paint colors, we were on to the materials! Megan had this vision of a unique wooden privacy screen as the showpiece when you first enter (see photo below!). This piece gives a natural element to the space and was an inspiration to build on for the other materials. We decided on floating shelves below the organic circular mirrors on either side of the salon. Megan was ecstatic about the idea of a floating shelf as one of her keywords describing her vision to me was "clean". This addition for sure hit the "clean" mark!

Picking the furniture was the last step. The furniture was intended to soften and balance everything. The chairs in the entry introduce a different texture to the space along with a splash of color that reinforces the green encompassing the brand of Salon Ritual. Megan's product shelf is much more than the mundane display cases you see at most establishments. The shelf, purchased from Moe's, fortifies the soft natural elements in the space with an added hint of metal which feeds to the industrious undercurrent of the entire space.

From floor to ceiling, mirror to mirror, this space considers not only the feeling the client will have walking in but also the hairdressers. We added little hidden compartments to the cabinets in order to make clean-up a breeze and keep messes hidden. Megan's vision for the color bar was brilliant and really provides an excellent workspace. Envisioning the ingenuity of this space definitely takes someone who really knows their work and industry standards, and that is where Megan shines!

At Salon Ritual you walk in and immediately know this is a place where you will be provided with excellent service and above standard hair care. Megan has been in the industry for 16 years and has experienced it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Her background forms her perspective, and Megan's well-informed point of view provides clients with a welcoming space to share an experience and knowledge.

Reach out for any redesign needs you may have.

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Tyler L. Merrill
Tyler L. Merrill
Mar 11, 2022

This is great!

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