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Zero Waste Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We wanted to share a few gift ideas for your Valentine this year that are, you guessed it, Zero Waste! Waste free, inexpensive, and way more thoughtful than anything you can get from a store.

The Lover's Playlist

Create a playlist that is comprised of both of your favorite songs. This is something your Valentine can listen to with you, or while you're apart.

The Love Potion

Seduce your Valentine (or Galentine) with a delicious signature cocktail! My personal favorite is anything that includes St. Germain! Here's a great list of recipes sorted by liquor.

Acts of Love Coupons

Get crafty and create a few vouchers for your Valentine to use whenever they'd like. Some coupon ideas; Picnic In The Park, I'll Do the Dishes Day, Date Night, etc. Get creative and tailor the coupons to your special someone!

When all else fails, just make them waffles!

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