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Back To School - Zero Waste Tips (Pt. 1)

Hey Mom & Dad,

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you but it’s back to school! I wanted to share some quick back to school tips that are earth-friendly and gentle on the wallet. Some of these tips can be used for both K-12 and for kids entering college, if you have college kids check out our collections for dorm rooms.

As always, I first recommend REUSING what you have, trade with a neighbor or friend, and/or buy used. IF after doing these things, you still have to buy new I have included some links to trusted vendors.


DITCH the brown paper bag and get a lunch box! I mean at least the bag is compostable but reusable is always better. Here are a few tips on how to make pack lunches more sustainable.

DIY utensil kits with a napkin, napkin ring, and three pieces of silverware. You could make it special by having each kid pick out their own napkin and napkin ring. This can easily be thrown into the lunch box everyday.

Reusable sandwich & snack bags, or use a container so your sandwich doesn't get smashed. These reusable sandwich bags are great and I have had mine for over seven years!

Find a local refill shop to buy package free snack items, or see what the bulk section in your local grocery store offers, and don't forget to bring your own containers! Here is a great resource that lists refill shops by state and city.


A reusable water bottle for each kid will dramatically reduce waste. Que is a great brand that has unique and fun bottle designs. They have smaller ones that will be easier for the kids to carry, and the genius design of a collapsable bottle!

For more Zero Waste tips be sure to follow us on Instagram! More Back To School tips to come next week!

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