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Back To School - Zero Waste Tips (Pt. 2)

Hey Mom & Dad,

If you remember our post from last week, we introduced Part 1 of our Zero Waste Back to School tips. I have a few more for you this week that I think you will enjoy! Please share with us any ways you have found to reduce waste around your kids' school work by tagging us on Instagram!

As always, I first recommend REUSING what you have, trade with a neighbor or friend, and/or buy used. IF after doing these things, you still have to buy new I have included some links to trusted vendors.


I think this might be the biggest one, here are a few brands that make their bags from mostly recycled materials, and if they do use virgin materials it is ethically sourced.

Day Owl - They also have a second hand section on their website!

Duluth Pack - Made in America with a Lifetime Guarantee, they repair the items themselves too!


My favorite American-Made brand for notebooks, that is fully recyclable at the end of lifecycle, is Appointed! They have a great kids section with colorful notebooks, jumbo pencil sets, and more. Plus, for parents they have large calendars with lots of space to write down the various activities.

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